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SalamWeb is a digital ecosystem (or a Super App) with the browser at its core. It has been created to unite those who share a common religion, upbringing, values and lifestyle.

SalamWeb stands apart from any other digital product for Muslims. It is the only global digital platform of choice, catering to the Muslim population as a whole and to the personal identity of each SalamWeb user.

SalamWeb is a digital environment protected from inappropriate (haram) content. It is also a comprehensive digital ecosystem that helps you follow the practical aspects of the Islamic way of life.

The SalamWeb ecosystem includes the following products: Prayer Times, Qibla, Mosques near You, SalamWebSadaqah, SalamWebToday, SalamWebChat, SalamWebNews, SalamWebProtect, SalamWebCapsule.

Also, we work on development of the further products and features: Quran, SalamWorld platform, SalamWebTalks, Islamic Calendar, SalamWebProtect for Kids and Family, SalamWebProtect – Shariah compliance brand safety check, SalamWeb Search Engine (the first own Muslim search engine in the world), SalamWeb Travel, SalamWeb Education, SalamWeb Pay (the first micro payment system for the Muslim world based on the rules of Islamic financing), SalamWeb Business Connect and much more.


Comment or rate any site or page, even if they don’t want you to.
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The more users on SalamWeb, the more donations we send to Sadaqah.
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Read articles about Islam, Muslim history and culture, and on how to be closer to Allah in your daily activities. Dozens of new articles published daily.
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Best aggregator of news from around the world in popular languages.
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