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SalamWebNews More than just a news service.

Latest news from a variety of sources around the world.

SalamWebNews is a convenient news aggregator allowing you to group your news feed by language and country. It easily accessible directly from your browser’s top page or a designated web resource. Daily news and information specifically tailored for a Muslim audience.

All latest news from around the world in one place.

Read the latest news without wasting time jumping from one paper to another. When choosing an article or a news piece to read, SalamWebNews also offers related news from various sources to provide you with the most comprehensive and rounded view of an event.

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SalamWebNews is the quickest way to be informed about current international and local affairs.

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We want our readers to have an unbiased, rounded view of the world around them.

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SalamWebNews is created to meet the needs of a Muslim audience.

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