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SalamWebTalks means freedom. Freedom to talk anywhere. Seriously, anywhere.

Talk openly. Talk anywhere. Talk with SalamWebTalks. And you will be heard!

With SalamWebTalks you can comment or rate any site or page, even if they don’t want you to. Join global Muslim community and discuss your favourite show while you are watching it, the event of the day, while they are announcing it, or simply the restaurant you are visiting.

Discuss what you want to discuss, when you want to discussed it and where you want to discuss it.

SalamWebTalks allows users unrestricted commenting on any website:if it has a URL, user can comment on it. This is achieved by embedding the commenting facility on the browser itself. It is, therefore, completely independent of the website’s owners.

Talk openly

Your commenting on a web page cannot be restricted by the page owners.

Talk anywhere

If ‘something’ has an URL, you comment on it.

Be heard

Your comments can be seen by anyone in the SalamWeb ecosystem.


Setting up SalamWebTalks is easy as one-two-three.

  1. Install SalamWeb browser.
  2. Register.
  3. You are off to go.
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