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SalamWebToday Many languages, one ummah.

Multilingual magazine for Muslims around the world.

SalamWebToday is a proprietary portal consisting of unique evergreen content where you can read articles specially written for our Muslim ummah. We cover the most relevant issues concerning Life, World, Faith and other topics. Our editors share their views on important events around the globe and publish articles from contemporary writers on breaking stories.

Engage in a meaningful conversation about being a Muslim in the 21 Century.

Read and watch interviews with opinion leaders, prominent religious authorities and other people. Most of SalamWebToday’s content is of the evergreen type, meaning that it remains relevant for a long time after its initial release.

Read good stories

We are trying to publish lots of good everyday stories that our readers can relate to.

Build community spirit

Become part of a multi-lingual and multi- cultural community.


Building knowledge and understanding through respectful debate.

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