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How it works

SalamProtect is an advanced content filter that flags material that’s better to avoid. It’s controlled and customised by you and designed to help the whole Muslim community find enjoyable content. Stay focused on what matters most and turn off what doesn’t.

Know what’s happening in your community and around the world with custom news aggregated in a Shariah-compliant way.

Use SalamChat to know what’s happening locally and talk to your community near and far. When you start a chat, anyone within 1 km can join. And the conversation grows by 1 km with every new comment. Chats are live for 24 hours or as long as people are still talking.

Make life more convenient with Qibla Compass, Prayer Times, Daily Quotes and more!

Every time you or anyone else uses SalamWeb to browse, chat, read news and more, we will make a donation to a worthy Muslim charity. Fulfil your responsibility to give a Sadaqah just by using SalamWeb.

The latest Muslim fashion news, celebrity style, beauty coverage, pop culture events and reviews, travel tips, dining places and food trends… read more

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We believe.
In a connected community of like minded people
Muslims of all colours, races and nationalities
Coming together to become one, a digital Ummah.

All the people in their beautiful voices
Showing themselves and standing tall and proud
Inspiring, caring and driving each other further.

We believe.
But more than that, we know
We know that when we help each other focus on what really matters
Life becomes whole and purposeful
And all feels right.

We are SalamWeb

Working together for the common good is not just something we say. It is built into SalamWeb.

Every action you and every user take moves us closer to a shared goal of giving back to the world around us.

Tag online content to optimise your SalamProtect and inform your community of content better avoided. Or enjoyed.

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You. Me. Ummah.

Our collective power is shaping the world.
That’s why SalamWeb is developed with and for you.

It's all good

Built on Chromium

Secure, lightning fast and reliable. Built on the same base technology as the world’s most trusted browser.

We comply

We are the world’s first Shariah certified web browser and digital ecosystem endorsed by Amanie Shariah Supervisory Board. In conformity with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s (MDEC) Islamic Digital Economy Mi’yar.

Top notch global team

The best talent is coming together to create a totally unique and distinct SalamWeb experience.